Best Free Alternatives to Excel That You Can Test Out

Office Web Apps are an excellent solution for business professionals and individuals who work with Office documents and frequently need to share them with others, such as coworkers, bosses, professors, or customers. Office Web Apps are available in various languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish.

Users can create, share, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets online with the help of the MS Excel Web App, a particularly popular component of the Office Web Apps. Thanks to this feature, users can see who else is working on the same spreadsheet as them and what information they are now entering, which enables real-time collaboration.

This web-based tool's ability to save customers time and make sharing content easier is the primary advantage it offers. People can now instantaneously exchange documents online and work on them concurrently, eliminating the need to transmit an attached document through email to a third party and then wait to get a revised version.

On the other hand, Microsoft Suite and Office Web Apps aren't used by everyone. We'll go through the best free alternatives to Excel that can be found on the internet today, all of which come highly recommended by industry professionals. Fortunately, the internet provides a range of good free alternatives to Excel. Most significantly, none of these applications cost anything to download.

Tools for Excel Spreadsheets That Are Free

Google Spreadsheets

If you want to create spreadsheets online and share them with others, Google Spreadsheets is perhaps the most popular and widely used tool available. To begin using it, you will first need to sign up for a free Google account, which can be done in a matter of minutes if you do not already have one. Once you have a report, you can start creating, sharing, and collaborating on various documents, including spreadsheets, charts, graphs, pivot table reports, forms, and more.


ThinkFree is an alternative to Google Drive in that it lets users create and share various documents without incurring additional costs.

Write, Calc, and Show is its three primary kinds of programs, all of which are compatible with a wide variety of other office software applications. ThinkFree developed the very helpful ThinkFree Mobile service to cater to the ever-increasing number of smartphone users. People who regularly travel and mobile phones are their only method to follow up on their job may also check into some other handy alternative spreadsheet apps for Android.


Users with higher expectations may find EditGrid's extensive menu of customization options to their liking. It connects you with live data sources, enables you to embed charts into a website or blog, and provides a large collection of pre-made spreadsheets that people can look through for inspiration. Additionally, it provides several sophisticated editing features for spreadsheets.


The Zoho web app provides users with both free and paid options for using internet services. You can do business report analysis and online spreadsheet report creation with the help of Zoho software.


Excel is more difficult to use, yet Live Documents provides advantages that Excel does not. Your blog will allow you to include tables and charts if you create them. You can keep track of the modifications made to your cell by consulting the cell history report. Additionally, several users can make simultaneous updates to the document. The free Excel spreadsheet application you're using provides a feature that allows you to set up alerts, which notifies you whenever other team members make changes to the document.

ZCubes Calci

ZCubes Calci is a very advanced calculation engine that integrates various drawing and painting tools, presentation slides, drawing over the spreadsheet function, and several other less common options for spreadsheets. These options include 3D graphs, integration with drawing and painting tools, integration with presentation slides, and drawing over the spreadsheet function.

Simple Spreadsheet

Another program for creating spreadsheets comparable to Excel Web App is Simple Spreadsheet. It is developed in Javascript, PHP, CSS, and HTML and utilizes Javascript for its data format.

Num Sum

Although Num Sum does not provide as many customization choices as Google Drive or EditGrid, it is attractive to customers searching for a straightforward and speedy document-sharing method. Signing up is required if you want to be able to modify and share your work. However, registration is not required if all you want to do is look at the charts and lists that other people have created, provided that they allow the public to access them. In addition, Num Sum has a useful "tag" tool that assists you in better organizing your papers.