Best Methods to Embed PDF Documents in Your Blog

You'll probably want to add PDF files to your blog or website. PDFs are still one of the most prevalent file types on the web, so knowing how to show them well on your site can be useful. This guide will reveal how to attach PDF files to your content in three ways. Think about the following and choose the method that works best for you.

What, Exactly, Is a PDF File?

A PDF file is a document format that lets you store and share files while keeping their original layout. PDFs are often used to make documents like forms, brochures, and leaflets. If you have a WordPress site, you could use the free WP-Pdf plugin to turn any file type into a PDF. It also lets you add your company's logo and contact information to your email signature and embed it on your website.

Why PDFs are so important for marketers and bloggers

PDFs are a great way to tell your readers about something. They are also a superb method to get people to return to your site because they can be shared on social media and uploaded to other sites.

Bloggers and marketers may profit greatly from PDFs. You can use them to:

● Giving readers access to high-quality content.

● Telling people about a product or service.

● Putting up examples of work.

● Getting people to return to the blog post or business website.

How to Place a PDF on a WordPress Site

If you've uploaded a PDF to WordPress, you may embed it inside a post or page. This is how:

1. Open the PDF file on your webpage and save it to your computer by clicking File > Save as...

2. Find the file you saved and copy its URL address from your computer.

3. Open a new browser tab and go to

4. Click Upload Files and then select Files (or drag and drop them).

5. Click Choose Files. Find and select the PDF document you want to embed in WordPress, and then click Open (or double-click it).

6. Copy the file's URL address. For example, if your file is called invoice.pdf and you want to embed it in the post "Our Products," you would copy the URL address of that PDF file as follows: https://exampleurl/invoice.pdfb. This is how the text should look:

7. Use the "Export" button to make a new PDF file. In your browser's address bar, type the word "Export" without the quotes. Then you'll see an option that says "Webpage as PDF." Click on this menu item, and then copy the Url of this new PDF file to your clipboard. This is how the text should look:

Add a link that is easy to follow.

You can already show PDF files in a basic way on your site. You don't have to show the PDF's content on the screen. Instead, you can link to the file and let the visitor click on it to see it.

To add a PDF in this way, start working on a post or page as usual, then click the "+" button to add a new block and choose File. Click "Upload" and choose the PDF from your computer. You'll see the file on the page as soon as it's uploaded.

There are a few ways you can change this block:

● Change the link's text, or even get rid of it.

● Turn on or off the download button.

● Change the subject on the button that says "Download."

On the page, the PDF looks like this:

When a visitor clicks on the tab, the PDF will open in full view.

Use a plugin

You can also use a plug-in called PDF Embedder to embed a PDF.

Like all other plugins, you can install them by going to your dashboard, clicking on My Sites, and then clicking on Tools > Plugins from the sidebar. Type the name of the plug-in into the search bar. Click the plugin's name in the list, then click Install.

Note: If you want to add plugins, you need the Business plan.

After you've installed the plugin, you must use the new content block that's now available. PDF Embedder is the name of that block.

Here's how your PDF looks on the page after you use the plugin to embed it:

Scribd is the third party.

The last way is to use an outside website tool called Scribd.

First, go to Scribd and upload your PDF there. Then, from Scribd, you can embed it on your site. Go to the document upload screen on Scribd to start.

Choose a PDF on your computer and start the uploading process. While the PDF is being uploaded, you can give it a title and a description. When you're ready, click "Done." Click Embed on the next screen.

Select the right box to tell Scribd that you want to use this embed on a site:

The shortcode should be copied to the clipboard. Now, go back to your site and start trying to work on a post or page like you normally would. Click the "+" button and choose shortcode to add a new block. Put in your shortcode for Scribd like this:

Here's how your PDF looks embedded; that's all you demand to know about these three ways to put PDF files on your website. Which one does your file the best?