How To Underline In A PDF Document And How To Insert Text

Important business papers, textbooks, and case studies are often stored in PDF format. If you need to study the material, you downloaded as a PDF or want to show it to someone, highlighting key sections of a document might be helpful. Let's examine the benefits of doing so before demonstrating how to highlight them in PDF.

Underscoring text in a document

One reason to highlight this in a PDF document is to study or make sure your audience gets the point. When studying a subject, it's easier to remember things if you underline or highlight them, so you can always go back to them. Also, when you give a presentation, it would be helpful for your audience to see data in different colors and font sizes.

How to use PDF Converter to mark up a PDF

Open the PDF file from the Open menu after starting the program. Then, click the Edit menu to get to the PDF editing options. On the right side of the platform, you'll see a new set of choices.

Click the Add button in the Text area to add new, different-coloured text. First, change the color, then click the "Add" button. The text you type will stand out in a different color. You can even change the size and style of the font to make it even more noticeable.

There is no approach to changing the color of the text that is already there, but you can do this:

  • Copy the part of the text you want to stand out.
  • Please copy and paste it into the box where the text in a different color will go.
  • Click on "Delete" and then on the text in PDF that is the default color, which is probably black.
  • Click the cancel X button to save the changes, and you will be asked to save a new version of the PDF file.
  • If you want to change where the highlighted text is in a document, you can drag the box to where it should be.

    How to Highlight PDF documents without PDF Converter

    If you don't already have PDF Converter, you can still use a 7-day free trial. But that's not a long-term answer. If you want to know how to highlight text in a PDF file without a PDF editor like PDF Converter, here's how:

    Depending on the type of content you work with, you can convert PDF to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Choose one of the best PDF converters you can use for free with no restrictions. Open the converted file and left-click on the part of the text you want to draw attention to. You can change the color of the background or the font, or you can underline the text to make it stand out.

    The last move would be to turn the document back into a PDF, either by using our tool to make PDFs or by saving it as a PDF from the MS Office program.

    How to Include Text in PDF

    A PDF file can be changed in two ways. The most common way is to change the content of your PDF document to Word, Excel, or different file types that can be edited. But if you want that document in PDF format, you will need to convert it to PDF again. There is a quick and easier way to change a PDF file that doesn't involve converting it to another format. Now you can save time by learning how to add text to a PDF file. This method is easy to use when you only need to make small changes to your PDF.

    How to use PDF Converter Elite to type on a PDF

    If you already have PDF Converter Elite on your computer, you can use it to add text to PDF files without converting them.

    When you start the program, you can click on the Open icon and choose a PDF from your computer. When you choose a PDF and click the Open button, the PDF will appear in the program's main window.

  • The next action is to click the Edit button on the toolbar. The PDF will then be ready to be edited. You can remove or add text to a PDF file, merge, split, rotate, and do other kinds of editing.
  • You can modify the font style, color, and size when adding text.
  • To add more text to a PDF, click the Add button on the right side of the screen and then click where you want the text to go.
  • Now type the words and press the Enter key on your keyboard or left-click anywhere in the document to confirm the changes.

    When you're done making modifications, click the "x" to close the document. You'll be asked if you need to save the changes. When you want to type on a PDF, you can open it and go through these steps again.

    How to Insert Images in a PDF Document

    PDF Converter Elite 5 doesn't let you add pictures how you can add text, but there is still a way to do it. First, you convert the PDF to a file type like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or something else. Then, open the converted file in Word and click the left mouse button where you want to put the image.

  • Select Pictures from the Insert menu. Find an image you want to add and click on it first, then on the Insert button.

  • Repeat the same steps if you demand to add more than one image.
  • Now, go to the File and Print menu and choose PDF Converter Elite from the list of printers. When you print the file to PDF, images will be added to the PDF.
  • Even if a document is in PDF format, changing the text doesn't have to be a nightmare. Now that you know how to write on a PDF file without converting it, you don't have to worry if you forget to add something to a document and realize it too late.