Typical Problems With PDF Files And How To Fix Them

We all know that PDF files can be hard to work with, which is likely why you use PDF tools. You can quickly fix PDF problems by converting PDF to other formats, which is made possible by PDF conversion technology. Regarding text and tables, MS Office document formats are easier to change. But you might execute into a problem if you can't convert a PDF file, the program crashes, or the result isn't what you expected.

We made a list of common problems with PDF files and how to fix them. This list was based on the real problems that our users were having. Remember that these hacks only work with PDF Converter, and we can't promise that they will work with other PDF tools you find online.

The converted file has black marks, like parts of it were covered up.

This problem often comes up when you try to convert PDF files to Image formats or PowerPoint. Even though it happens with other types of conversions, you can fix the problem by doing this:

  • Open a PDF file in any PDF reader and click on the icon that looks like a printer. If you don't see the Print option immediately, go to the File menu and click Print.
  • Choose a PDF Converter printer from the list of printers.
  • The PDF Converter print dispatcher will appear when you click the "Print" button.
  • If you want to keep both the original and reprinted versions of a PDF file, you can change the name of the reprinted file before you save it. Change the file's name in the "Save PDF" field.
  • Choose "Open in : PDF Converter" in the "When the PDF file is built" field and click OK.
  • Now, choose the type of conversion to make. For example, if you want to convert a file to PPT, you can click on that icon, and the sidebar will appear on the right.
  • Choose the whole file, a certain part, or the pages you want.
  • Once you click the "Convert" button, you will see that the black marks have gone away.
  • What do I do if batch conversion fails?

    It saves time to convert several PDF files at the same time. You add PDF files, pick the type of file you want to make, and the conversion starts. Unfortunately, the whole process will fail if one of these PDFs is broken and can't be converted.

    Then, look at your files and try to convert them. Some files will convert successfully, but they won't be able to convert one or more damaged files.

    But if you find a damaged file, you can always use the method above or one of the methods below to reprint the file. Maybe your file can be fixed, and batch conversion can continue.

    There are issues with scanned PDFs.

    The OCR engine in our PDF Converter is very good and can convert most scanned PDF files. But not every scanned file is made the same. First, if you are working with scanned files, check the Edit menu of the program to see if the OCR option is turned on.

    Before opening and converting a scanned file, click on the OCR options in the Edit menu. Then click on Convert using OCR.

    If the file doesn't convert, this could be why: there isn't enough space between the characters on the page, so the OCR can't read each one. Here's how you can fix this problem:

  • Click on the Convert menu, then on Conversion options.
  • Pressing CTRL and A simultaneously on your keyboard will open the advanced settings.
  • Find the "OCRInputSPI" by scrolling down. The default value is 300, so you'll need to change it to 400. Click OK to confirm, then click OK again to close the conversion window.
  • It would be best if you were happy with what you see when you open the scanned document. Every time you close the program, this setting will return to how it was.

    Strange characters are in the file that was changed.

    When you open a PDF in PDF Converter, it may sometimes look the same as it does in other PDF readers. You choose the type of conversion, but there's a problem! The result is a mess, with weird characters that weren't there in the original PDF.

    Don't worry if that happens to you the next time you convert PDF files. That means your file doesn't have any Unicode characters, and to convert a file, you need to turn on the OCR option.

    As we've already said, before opening such a file, go to the Edit menu, click on OCR, and then click on Convert using OCR. Open your PDF file again and try to convert it. You might be stunned by what comes out of it.